Delta Module 2

You will complete:

  • 10 peer observations (where you watch other teachers – on the Istanbul part time course this will involve travelling to other schools)
  • One (on the intensive course) or two (on the part time course) unassessed teaching assignments (these have a 2500 word background essay and a full lesson plan).
  • Four assessed teaching assignments (three observed by tutors and / or mentors from ITI and the last observed by an external assessor and again each of these involving both essay and lesson plan). On the part time courses these will be in your own institution at times that you arrange, on the intensive course they will be in practice classes at ITI.
  • A written assignment of two parts (the first part is a 2500 word evaluation of your own practice, the second is 2000 words about a small piece of action research on a technique or method that is new for you).

You can do Module Two in three different ways:

1. Part time in Istanbul

Live in Istanbul and do the course part time (over six months with you coming to the ITI offices once a week for an afternoon and tutors coming to watch you teach your own students at intervals in your own institution).

2. Intensive in Istanbul

Come to Istanbul to do the summer intensive over six weeks, when you will eat sleep and breathe Delta, completing the bulk of your assignments while you are here and teaching in volunteer classes.

3. Part time online (where you work with a local mentor and an online course and tutors).

This means you can do your Delta where you are (assuming that is not Istanbul or perhaps not even Turkey) in your own institution with a local Delta mentor as well as ITI course tutors. You have to find the mentor (there are guidelines for this here) and they must agree to be interviewed and standardised by ITI.

To work out which one of these three options best suits you there is more detailed information here.

We run an Istanbul part time course each year starting in mid December for June submission, the online part time course is designed to allow people to join at regular intervals (see course dates at the bottom of the page) and there is an intensive course each June / July over six weeks (for end of September submission).