This is an introductory course into Teaching Performing Arts which requires no previous teaching experience. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate issued by ITI. The course is an excellent preparation for people interested in teaching the basics of musical theatre: singing, dance and acting.

Who Is It for?

People who...

  • wish to learn more about the teaching of performing arts to children
  • have been teaching an aspect of performing arts in an unqualified capacity
  • are established teachers who are wishing to revitalize their skills in the teaching of performing arts
  • want to teach more creatively

What are the course objectIves?

  • The ability to make balanced judgments, backed by sound reasoning, on a variety of teaching styles.
  • The demonstration of effective approaches to teaching singing, dance and acting.
  • An awareness of current relevant issues connected with the role of performing arts teacher

What does It Involve?

  • Face-to-face input sessions in which you will learn teaching techniques and activities and how these can be applied in the classroom presented by experienced teachers from a variety of contexts.
  • Teaching Practice in which you will get the chance to practise some of the things you learn on the course by teaching a live class.
  • Feedback sessions in which you reflect on and evaluate your lesson with an experienced tutor.
  • Lesson planning in which you prepare lessons with colleagues under the professional supervision of your tutor.
  • Online tasks in which you will get further input to that already done face-to-face.
  • Background reading to help you learn more about teaching performing arts.

How long does It last?

  • 18 hours face-to-face
  • Plus hours online

What are the entry requIrements?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Minimum language level B2 or above

What wIll I be requIred to do durIng the course?

  • Attend all the input sessions
  • Complete lesson plans and written tasks
  • Complete the online component of the course
  • Create a portfolio of your work

How much Is the course?

  • 200 GBP