TurkIsh Classes


ITI Istanbul provides high-quality, affordable Turkish language classes.

Cost: 400 TL (375 for early registration)

Hours: 54 total per course/level

Class size: 18 maximum

Location: Our premises at 4. Levent

Course Schedule

Level A1: 2021

Level A2: 2021

Level B1: 2021

Level B2: 2021

Cost ComparIson

ITI Istanbul: 6 lira per hour

Tomer: 8 lira, Turkuaz: 9.5 lira, Dilmer: 18 lira, Turkce Atolyesi: 21 lira, Concept: 45 lira

Teachers & Methodology

All of our teachers are CELTA-qualified (click here for more information) with a range of teaching experience.

Focused on communication and speaking in particular, our teachers use the same methodology we encourage on our CELTA, ICELT and DELTA courses.





Syllabus & MaterIals

All courses use a book from the ISTANBUL Turkish for Foreigners Course Book collection, the first Turkish syllabus to follow modern communicative methodology, developed by the Istanbul University foreign language department.

Teachers will also bring in a variety of authentic materials. e.g. videos, music, newspapers, magazines, etc.