The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a pre-service Teacher Development programme covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching English. It is an internationally recognised qualification with no expiry. Coursework and teaching are internally assessed and externally moderated by Cambridge English. Candidates who successfully complete the course portfolio will be awarded a certificate from Cambridge English at the levels of Pass, Pass B or Pass A.

Why do the CELTA at ITI?

  • We have been training teachers for over 20 years

  • We have an excellent team of on-site trainers

  • We offer a high level of support and guidance

  • Our centre is easily accessible with various transport links

  • We have an online classroom to support your face-to-face learning

  • Our course participants come from an eclectic mix of nationalities and backgrounds

Who does the CELTA at ITI?

  • People with no previous teaching experience - the course provides you with the basic tools and techniques you will need for teaching English as a foreign language

  • People with some teaching experience - although the course is a pre-service course, we have many applicants who have some classroom experience. For those people, the CELTA helps to refine some of the teaching skills they already have as well as introducing them to new ideas and techniques

What are the entry REQUIREMENTS?

Applicants must...

  • be at least 18 (It is generally recommended that candidates should be aged 20 or over, but candidates aged between 18 and 20 can be accepted at our discretion.)

  • have an awareness of language and a competence in both written and spoken English which will enable them to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels. This will be determined during the application process.

  • have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers and to complete successfully the written assignments and the assessment of practice teaching.

What KIND of programmes are AVAILABLE?

  • Full-time face-to-face courses (4 or 5 weeks)

  • Part-time courses (10 - 14 weeks)

  • Fully online courses (5 weeks) - This is currently a temporary option for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis

What does the full-TIME course INVOLVE?

The course consists of 120 contact hours which is divided up as follows:

  • Input sessions (40 hours face-to-face with online support)

  • 6 hours of Teaching Practice (observed by experienced tutors from ITI with volunteer students)

  • Supervised lesson planning (usually with teaching points to guide you on what and how to teach)

  • Feedback on teaching practice (done in a group format with your tutor and peers)

  • Peer observation of teaching practice

  • Tutorials (one-to-one consultation with your tutor at least twice during the course)

  • Four written assignments (designed to support and reflect what you do in the classroom)

  • 6 experienced teacher observations (built into the course programme)

Cambridge also recommends a further 120 hours of self-study time (background reading, assignment writing, lesson preparation e.t.c.)

What about the part-TIME course?

The content of the part-time course is exactly the same as the face-to-face course. The only difference is the delivery method.

  1. Online component - all input, written assignments and 3 hours of experienced teacher observations. This can be done in your own time although there will be deadlines. You will be supported by an Online Tutor.

  • Option 1: Face-to-face teaching practice - 6 hours of Teaching Practice, supervised lesson planning, feedback, peer observation and 3 hours of experienced teacher observations. You must be in Istanbul for this component.

  • Option 2: Online teaching practice - 6 hours of online Teaching Practice, supervised online lesson planning, online feedback, online peer observation and 3 hours of online experienced teacher observations.

The CELTA Online is an ideal way to do the course if you are currently working. You only need to come to ITI for Teaching Practice which will be in the evenings, on Saturdays, or intensively over two weeks in the afternoon.

What about the fully ONLINE course?

The content of the online course is exactly the same as the face-to-face courses. The only difference is the delivery method.

  1. Input sessions, teaching practice, feedback and lesson planning are all conducted via video-conferencing, with live students.

  2. The certificate granted is the same as for all other CELTA courses and does not specify which format the course was taken in.

The fully online CELTA is an ideal way to do the course if you are currently unable to come to Istanbul for face-to-face teaching practice.


A variety of accommodation options are available, upon request. After completing your course application, please contact Mr Üner Suner (accommodation@iti-istanbul.com) for more detailed information.

Extra resources for CELTA

For online resources to support your CELTA journey, we highly recommend ELT-Training.com and in particular, the free resource The Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success and the pre-CELTA Grammar for Language Teachers.