ITI partnership programme

ITI is offering institutions and teacher trainers the opportunity to collaborate on offering professional development training courses to teachers locally. As a specialized teacher training institution ITI aims to support institutions and trainers to develop professional development training courses that are then delivered by their own trainers locally. ITI provides training in the course design, preparation of course materials and procedures and training of the trainers as well as offering verifiable end-of-course certification.

How to partner with ITI

In order to collaborate you (or within a language teaching organisation, your trainers) would need to do both the Train the Trainer course and the Professional Development Course Design Course.

The latter provides training and support in

    • Course administration

    • Candidate application and selection procedures

    • Programme and course contents

    • Training and co-ordination of the tutorial team

    • Participant assessment

    • Course evaluation

You design the course, but we provide feedback on that and support in running and evaluating it. You do not need to start the course with fully detailed ideas but do need to have a solid idea of what it is you would like to achieve.

So we support you through

  • Joint planning of the training course.

  • Training of the teacher trainers

  • Supervision and moderation of the training courses

  • Joint local institution and ITI Certificates to participants on course completion.

Procedure for partnering

When you do get to the point of applying you will need to submit

  • resource lists (for each course where different for different courses)

  • application prodedures

  • candidate service agreements

  • trainer CVs (for each course)

  • the course progamme and samples of course components (for each course)

  • equal opportunities policy

Further information about the professional development course design course here

Further information about how to apply and a format to do so in a Word document here and a Google drive document here.

Current partners

Ibn Haldun University

International Training Institute


Kian Language Academy