Drama and Professional Development

Developing Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Educators

The 15-hour Facilitator Masterclass is aimed at anyone who is involved in teaching, training, development and educating others. Facilitation skills are vital in any event that involves people interacting and discussing ideas to promote change.

The workshops will explore the use of participatory approaches to professional development such as team building, gaining participants’ trust, maximizing engagement and fostering collaboration and personal disclosure and many other performative skills.

The main advantages of this bottom-up approach to professional development are firstly, it is participant centered (the issues are real concerns and challenges of the participants), secondly the methodology generates multi-voiced, multi-perspectival dialogue and is focused on finding solutions to real problems and inspiring action and change.

The workshops are structured on tried and proven methodology adapted from Applied Theatre and used for training in community settings, care homes, hospitals and many institutions focusing on personal and professional development.

Participants will receive a ‘Master Facilitator’ certificate at the end of the course.

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Teaching Artistry for Educators

Online Course at Half Price from Tom Godfrey! 

Are you ready to transform your teaching journey? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking online course, "Teaching Artistry for Educators," and we want YOU to become a “Teaching Artist”

Why Enroll? 

 Explore the profound impact of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) on both students and educators.  Develop crucial performative skills that elevate your teaching presence. Develop sensory skills through active listening, dynamic questioning, and effective feedback.  Explore the layers of your teaching identity and discover the 'why' behind your actions. Embrace facilitation skills and utilize reflective learning.

What You'll Gain:

“Teaching Artist” Certificate from ITI - a symbol of your commitment to excellence in teaching.  A broader perspective on how your teaching influences schools and the wider community. Enhanced teaching identity and skills for a more enriching educational experience. Connection with a community of educators dedicated to continuous improvement.

Special Offer: For this inaugural run, we are offering the course at HALF PRICE! Seize this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and pedagogical excellence.

Course Highlights: Teaching Techniques for immediate use in your classroom: Stimulate deep reflection on your teaching identity.  Find participatory solutions to real-world teaching challenges. Unveil a fresh landscape of creative, personalized teaching expression. Rediscover the joy and satisfaction of teaching.

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Internship for Teachers of the Performing Arts

This is an introductory internship into Teaching Performing Arts which requires no previous teaching experience. On completion of the internship, you will receive a certificate issued by ITI. The course is an excellent preparation for people interested in teaching the basics of musical theatre: singing, dance and acting.

The internship is people who...

The internship aims to develop the ability to make balanced judgments, backed by sound reasoning, on a variety of teaching styles. Demonstrate effective approaches to teaching singing, dance and acting, and raise awareness of current relevant issues connected with the role of performing arts teachers.

The internship includes: observation of experienced teachers in which you will observe teaching techniques and activities and how these can be applied in the classroom presented by experienced teachers from a variety of contexts. Teaching Practice in which you will get the chance to practise some of the things you learn on the course by teaching a live class. Feedback sessions in which you reflect on and evaluate your progress. Lesson planning in which you prepare lessons with colleagues

Saturday mornings 9.30 – 12.30