ITI Scholarship Fund

Regardless of where you are in the world, or the course you choose to study, there is a place for you at ITI. To help you ITI have set up scholarship funding to support deserving candidates.

An investment in your future

Alongside an internationally recognised qualification, following a professional development course at ITI will give you the opportunity to develop your teaching, network with teachers from all over the world, and gain skills to help further your career.

Anything is possible

Receiving financial support could help you achieve your dreams. All scholarships are in the form of discounts on ITI training courses.

Scholarships are currently being considered for CELTA and DELTA courses (courses September to November only).

  • To apply you need to first apply and be accepted onto an ITI course.

  • After your acceptance, please complete the following scholarship application form. Scholarships are awarded according to the commitment shown by applicants to teacher development and evidence of financial need. Scholarships are awarded in December for courses in the following calendar year and are valid for one year only.

We are currently accepting applications for scholarships for 2022.

  • Application deadline: 31st of July 2022

  • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the Scholarship committee in August 2022.

Note: The DELTA M1 scholarship has already been awarded. So, the DELTA M2, DELTA M3 and CELTA scholarships are still available.

ITI scholarship recipients

‘’I feel humbled receiving the CELTA scholarship from ITI, Istanbul. It is a great leap of faith taken by the ITI Scholarship committee during challenging times’’

Jency Easow, Kuwait