Professional Development Course Design

ITI delivers a professional development course design course. This is designed to be useful to two groups of people

  • teachers, trainers and managers who want to set up in-house professional development for staff within their own language teaching organisation

  • trainers (based in a language teaching organisation or operating freelance) who want to deliver training courses to teachers in areas outside ITI's normal reach

The course is online and runs over three weeks. You should usually start with some ideas about what you would like to do and how. You work with ITI tutors and other course participants on a mix of tasks where you generate, exchange and critique ideas. The course would help you see what possibilities there are and a range of things you need to think about and how you could deal with some of them. Post course there is access to resources to help with on going planning and development and communication systems that keep you in touch with fellow participants and tutors through a Moodle. There are also more extensive options for more finely grained support if this is what you decide you need.

In-house professional development could be anything from a weekly reading group through to a programme of input, personal development plans for every member of staff and a mix of observation options. The fact that it is in-house means you can run it as you wish, but we can help you see how to make it as effective as possible.

We also offer a collaborative training programme for partner schools. This could be training which you deliver to your own teachers or it could be training courses which you offer to outside participants. In either case courses would be designed and delivered by you, but in collaboration with ITI through our partner schools programme. The courses are advertised as collaborative ventures and ITI supports you with feedback on course design, ongoing checks and evaluation and a verifiable certification system. If you are interested in this system there is further information here on the ITI partner schools page.

The professional development course design course and the follow up provide training and support in the following areas:

  • Candidate application and selection procedures

  • Training and co-ordination of the tutorial team

  • Programme and course contents

  • Participant assessment

  • Course administration

  • Course evaluation