DELTA Tutors

Some tutors work on one Module or only online or only F2F where others are involved in all modules all the time. Scroll down for details.

Adam Bejsovec

Adam is currently in Thailand with IH, but also works with us online year round. He does a lot of the work on Module One (dealing with the Moodle and standardising the tutors), marks Module Three drafts and sometimes comes back to Istanbul to tutor on an intensive Module Two with us.

Anna Bejshovcova

Anna Bejshovcova has been in ELT for about 13 years having lived and worked in Turkey, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia. She has been involved in teacher training since 2011 doing in-house professional development training, running CELTA and TYLEC courses and being a Distance Delta and Trinity DipTESOL local tutor. Anna currently marks Module One and Three online for us.

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is retired and living in Devon, making regular trips to Turkey. Her last full-time job was as a teacher trainer at Bilkent University in Ankara, working on Delta there for 15 years. Since retiring, she has kept her hand in by doing some tutoring on the ITI Module 3 course and on Module 2 for the ‘sister’ ATI course in Ankara.

Carolyn Guven

Carolyn has been in Istanbul for nearly 30 years: mostly teaching and sometimes training. She has taught from 2 1/2 to 70- year-olds, is currently working in a primary school and enjoys the contrast of working with adults on Module One.

Elna Coetzer

Elna works as a teacher trainer and consultant with OUP, ITI and other organisations in Istanbul. She is a CELTA, Delta and CELT-P/S tutor, an Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer and online moderator. She has written teacher training materials used internationally, recently an online teaching course for Chinese teachers. She is a qualified life coach and is interested in psychology.

Huss Farsani

Huss has been teaching English for over 20 years now. He mainly works on CELTAs (F2F and Online) as well as other Cambridge level-5 teacher training courses. He works on our DELTA Module 1 regularly and occasionally delivers input sessions on Module 2. He's based in Canada.

Jackie Halsall

Jackie worked for rival Trinity awards for a long time, but we have won her back over into the Cambridge fold to help with the online marking. Online because she spends a lot of time flying from country to country to work on training projects and CELTAs (and is lucky enough to live in Fethiye).

Joanne Bates

Joanne has been working in ELT for over 20 years as a teacher, trainer and Director of Studies at universities and language schools in Turkey, Greece and the UK. She has been based in Istanbul for 8 years and now works full-time at ITI as a CELTA and DELTA tutor and currently tutors on Delta Module One and Module Two.

Liz Aykanat

Liz does a wide range training for ITI, so she mostly just works on Module Two, but her love of phonology means she pops up quite a bit in Module One input as well. She has been working on Deltas for over 20 years.

Marijke Delooze

Marijke works on all three Modules in varying amounts, but has now relocated to Canada so is more involved in the online Modules. She pops over to do intensive M2 sometimes though.

Sally Hirst

Sally is the Delta co-ordinator for ITI, does a lot of the behind scenes orchestration and makes a lot of the content for all the Delta Modules. She is based in Istanbul, has been working on Deltas for about 20 years and tutors on all three Modules.

Siobhan Kizilkaya

Siobhan is based in Istanbul, has done a lot of work in assessment and training, including working for Cambridge and IELTS as an examiner and examiner trainer and still teaches some language. She has been working as a freelance tutor for ITI since 2012 initially on ICELT but she now tutors on all three Delta Modules as well.


Laurence has also been teacher training and teaching for a long time and works on all three Modules in varying amounts over the year (combining that with CELTA work and other teaching and training). She is based in Berlin.

Tom Godfrey

Tom owns ITI so while he has been involved to various degrees with all Modules at some point, he usually just works on Module Two courses these days He’s been working on Deltas for over 30 years.